How to Select Your Nursery Furniture

11th Oct 2010

We know that choosing the right furniture for your nursery can seem like a daunting task. With a seemingly endless selection of cribs, dressers, changing tables, and chests, all in an assortment of colors, many people just don’t know where to start, become overwhelmed, and then frustrated. In order to ease these frustrations, we recommend taking four major factors (color, timing, versatility, and adjustability) into consideration when it comes to purchasing your nursery.

Most people find it easiest to start with color. By knowing the color of the furniture you want, you can usually narrow down your furniture selections greatly. Look for a color that compliments the walls and the floor of the nursery.

Timing is another important factor of your furniture selection. Many furniture items will likely need to be ordered, so plan ahead to visit your retailer several months before your due date to ensure your furniture will arrive before then. Most ordered items take about 8 weeks to arrive at the store. Sometimes it can even take significantly longer, so remember, the more time the better.

Also important to your selection is versatility. Almost all cribs are convertible now days, meaning that they can be turned from a crib into a toddler/day bed, and then into a full-size bed. So ask yourself, “Do I want the furniture to grow with my child, or maybe use the same furniture again when I have a second child?” If you have a smaller room, consider finding a crib that converts to a twin-size bed, or has built-in drawers for extra storage. Also keep in mind that for all cribs, the adult bed conversion kits are sold separately and tend to range in price from $100-$200. Instead of using changing tables, many parents are now mounting changing pads to the tops of dressers. Although more expensive at first, it save money in the long-run because you will not have needed to buy a changing table.

Adjustability is the last major factor in crib selection. Most cribs will allow you to change the height of your mattress, which you will want to do once your baby starts to sit up. Most cribs will have 2-4 different mattress height settings. You will want to examine the settings to make sure they are relatively easy to change, but not so easy that a child could do so.

Of course, there are other factors to look for, such as what type of wood the furniture is constructed with, but the general rule of thumb here is that you pay for what you get.

As always, we recommend visiting your local NINFRA (National Independent Nursery Furniture Retailers Association) retailer and allowing them to answer any questions to help you determine what will be best for your family.

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